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Shaun Anderson

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Selected Published Works

The essays featured here are work that define the topics I have explored in my nonfiction. I hope that as you read these essays, we can find human connection through the power of story. Thank you for taking the time to meet me on the page.

Spiritual Dissonance - Mud Season Review

This essay explores my experience as a Mormon missionary working to navigate the conflict between the religious beliefs I preached (spoiler alert, they aren't very friendly toward LGBT individuals) and the my identity as a gay man.

Debriefed - Sink Hollow Literary Magazine

This essay explores the process of leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a religious institution that defined the first two and half decades of my life, and dictated every aspect of my life, including the underwear I was allowed t wear. Debriefed can be found on page 114 of this literary magazine.

Trembling Hope - Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle

In "Trembling Hope," I seek to gain deeper understanding of the abuse cycle. As a survivor of a childhood molestation, I work to make sense of and take ownership of my place in the abuse cycle. You might not like me as much after you read this. "Trembling Hope" can be found on page 83.

"The Clown" - Psaltery & Lyre

This flash essay focuses on a moment of dissonance from my time s a Mormon missionary. It's a quick read that captures the way Mormon missions are set up to erase or obscure personal identity.

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